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Conferences/Seminars of The Association

The association organizes its annual conferences regularly with the help of some academic institution. The association publishes the proceeding of the conferences in which the presented papers are included after peer review by the experts.The whole endeavour of the association is to create high research aptitude among the younger generation with patriotism and motivation of people in general for sustainable development. The conferences held are as given below :

Current International Conference

International Conference on Harmony with Nature in Context
of Ecotechnological Intervention and Climate Change

Venue: Department of Zoolgy, Biotechnology
and Evironmental Science
D. D. U. Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur - 273009 (U.P.)

Previous International Conferences:

Sl. Conferences/Seminars and Year Location Period
1 I-National Environment Congress and National Conference - 2007 read more.. Sambalpur 7-18 March'2007
2 II-National Environment Congress and National Conference - 2008 read more.. Indapur 28-30 January'2008
3 International Conference - 2008 read more.. Aurangabad 11-13 December'2008
4 III-National Environment Congress and National Conference - 2009 read more.. Sarikulam 18-20 January'2009
5 IV- National Environment Congress and National Conference - 2009 read more.. Aurangabad 9-10 December'2009
6 V- National Environment Congress and International Conference - 2010 read more.. Sambalpur 10-12 December'2010
7 VI- National Environment Congress and 3rd International Conference - 2011 read more.. Thiruvananthapuram 9-11 December'2011
8 VII- National Environment Congress and 4th International Conference - 2012 read more.. Ranchi 2-4, November'2012