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Publication of The Association

In order to provide a platform to a vast group of researchers to express their view and finding of research as well as to promote the attitude of quality research among the scholars of younger generation the association publishes two journals 1. THE BIOSCAN (ISSN:0973-7049)- an international quarterly journal of Life Science. 2. THE ECOSCAN (ISSN:0974-0376)- an international quarterly journal of Environmental Science. For the benefit of potential contributor instruction to authors is available on the website and also can be searched on by putting the name of journals. However, the details regarding the journal and also the association can seen on our website - and Every details of both the journals can be found through Google search engine. The Journals are online.

The Bioscan - An International Quarterly Journal of Life Science aims to publish original research paper of all the branches of Life Science-viz Physiology, Biochemistry, Ecology, Taxonomy, Bio-Technology, Pharmacology, Toxicology, Entomology, Paedobiogy and related other branches.

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Latest Issue : Volume 7, Number - 3: 2012

The Ecoscan - An International Quarterly Journal of Environmental Science aims to publish original peerly reviewed Research Paper/ Short Communication/ Review articles/ Scientific articles of common interest pertaining to different aspects of Environmental Sciences like Environmental engineering, Environmental bio-technology, Environmental management, Remote sensing, Forestry, Eco-toxicology, Biodiversity, Resource management, Environmental conservation, Palaeoecology, Climate change, Community analysis, Population ecology, System ecology, Environmental Impact Analysis, System modeling, Mathematical ecology, Environmetrics, Waste management, Bioremediation and related fields.

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Latest Issue : Volume 5, Number - 3 & 4 : 2011